Since ArcGIS version 10.4, the spatial analysis tools can be used in the system dictionary of an ArcGIS Server which is federated with Portal for ArcGIS. These spatial analysis tools contain a variety of geoprocessing tasks. Using WebOffice 10.9 SP1, selected tasks can be directly integrated with the WebOffice core client and can accordingly be used in common procedures, e.g. usage based on query results.


These spatial analysis tools are activated via the Tools section of WebOffice author:






Use tool?

Specify whether this tool is available in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 clients (Yes) or not (No).

Spatial Analysis tool configuration


In the next step, the ArcGIS Server geoprocessing tool, which provides the spatial analysis tools, has to be provided. Please note that the service is located in the systems directory of ArcGIS Server and can only be used in the WebOffice core client. It is necessary that this ArcGIS Server is federated with Portal for ArcGIS:






Service name (GUI)

Specifies the name of the GP service which is shown in the user interface.

Metadata URL

Permits the declaration of a reference to a metadata document (htm, html, pdf, jpg, etc.) by using an URL.

This metadata document has to be available via HTML, although it may be declared using a local (e.g. pub/images/logo_vertigis.gif) or global (e.g. path.


To include the metadata of a map service, the distinct identifier (UUID) of the metadata document can be entered if a connection to a catalogue service is available (CSW 2.0). Therefore you must configure the SOAP interface of the Catalog Services using Metadata display.

Metadata short description

Permits the declaration of a short description of the metadata. Use \n for a line break.


Service specific copyright

Maximum wait time for results with asynchronous execution (in seconds)

Specifies how long the client waits for results of the asynchronous executed task. If the task was executed successfully during this time, the result will be processed immediately if possible.

If the maximum time has elapsed, the client will be available again. With setting the value to 0 the client will not wait for any result


Specifies the URL of the ArcGIS geoprocessing service (ArcGIS Server or ArcGIS Online).


If you connect to an ArcGIS Server which is federated with Portal for ArcGIS, you have to ensure that you don't violate the ESRI terms of use!

Service user

User login for accessing the ArcGIS Server service (ArcGIS service user).


If you are connecting to an ArcGIS Server federated in a Portal for ArcGIS or are connecting to an ArcGIS Online service, be sure to use the service according to Esri Inc. Terms of Use!


Password of user accessing ArcGIS Server service

Identify/Select on all visible feature layers?

When using the option All visible Layers in the Client all Layers visible in the current scale and set to visible are taken into consideration.

A Layer configuration is not required, the ArcMap Layer Properties get used instead (Layer Name, visible Fields, Field order)

Server normalized

Normalized server URL (not configurable)

Properties of ArcGIS Server Spatial Analysis Service


Afterward you have to configure the analysis tools which you want to use in your WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project. With WebOffice 10.9 SP1 you can use three spatial analysis tools which are configured identically:


Aggregate Points

Create Buffers

Find HotSpots






Access control ID

Access control ID needed for access control based on user management module.

If an ID is configured here (eg GP_DELETE_FEATURES) and WebOffice UserManagement module is used then the user role is checked whether it provides the necessary application right or not (according to the example the application right would be GP_DELETE_FEATURES). If the necessary application right is not available then the geoprocessing tool will not be available in the WebOffice. Must not begin with a prefix TOOL_!

External ID

External ID used for identifying the geoprocessing tool in parameterized calls to WebOffice.

Visible in Toolbar?

Specifies whether the tool is visible in the toolbar.

Always show task messages?

Defines if the messages of the geoprocessing task are displayed always (true) or only if an error occurred (false, default).

Use Tool?

Specify whether this tool is available in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 clients (true) or not (false).

Properties of Spatial Analysis Tasks



Using the WebOffice core client, the tools can either be used via the toolbar or via a search result. To configure the usage via search results, see Tools for Spatial Analysis.

For details about the usage of spatial analysis tools via the  WebOffice core client, see chapter Spatial Analysis Tools.