The Select Circle tool enables the user to select by defining a circle.


Select Circle tool configuration

Select Circle tool configuration




Distance [Geodata units]

Define the default distance in geodata units (units of the coordinate system of the map service) entered into the tool form.

Visible in Toolbar?

Specifies whether the tool will be available in the toolbar (true, default) or not (false). Choose the latter option if you do not want to show the tool in the toolbar but use it in combination with the scriptAPI.setTool method.

Layerselection with filter?

Specifies if a layer filter should be active for the identify tool. false (default) deactivates the layer filtering in the selection box. true enables the layer filtering in the selection box.

Use tool?

Defines whether the tool will be used (true) or not (false).

Select - Periphery tool properties



In order to make this tool available in the WebOffice 10.9 R3 clients, at least one layer has to be selectable. See chapter Layer Queries or use the WebOffice author standalone wizard Define Selectable/Identifiable Layers.

See chapter Selection by Circle for the tool appearance in the WebOffice core client.