Reference to Basemap

The following configuration properties are available for a Reference to Basemap:


Configuration Reference to Basemap

Configuration Reference to Basemap




Related Basemap

Unique reference to the assigned basemap

Basemap switcher active?

Defines if the Basemap is active.

If a value is not specified explicitly (auto), the Basemap is initially active.

-off: The Basemap is not active.

-on: The Basemap is active

Expendable in TOC?

Specifies if the Basemap can be expandable in the TOC

Expanded in TOC?

Specifies if the Basemap is displayed expanded (on) or collapsed (off) in the TOC

Properties for Reference to Basemap



Please note that only one reference to basemap can be defined in the TOC.



Further information on configuring  basemaps can be found in the chapter Basemaps.

For more details about the group of map services in the WebOffice core Client, see chapter Main Map Display.