Wizard: Create new application profile

This wizard guides you through the steps required to create a new application profile. You can distinguish between two types of new creation, which can be selected in the first step and influence the further workflow of the wizard:


Create new application profile

Import old WebOffice author application profiles



Wizard Create new profile - Step 1 Creation type

Create new application profile

If you select Create new application profile as the creation type in step 1, you can define the properties of this profile in the subsequent steps.


Step 2 defines the basic properties of the profile - the name of the application profile to be created, the language of the user interface in the author, the default language in the project and the WebOffice project directory.




Profile name

Name of the profile under which the settings made in the wizard are saved.

User interface language

Specifies the language of the WebOffice author standalone user interface.

Project language

Specifies the default language of the projects in the application.

WebOffice project directory

Enter the path to the WebOffice project directory here. (<application>\web-inf\classes\configuration\projects\)

Wizard Create new profile - Properties in step 2 Profile settings



Wizard Create new profile - Step 2 Profile settings


In step 3 you can specify the connection to WebOffice - the URL to the WebOffice application, the password to the Synadmin and the URL to the UM Admin Web.




WebOffice Application URL

The path to the WebOffice application is specified here. (http(s)://<server>(:<port>)/<application>

WebOffice application password

Synadmin password of the application

URL for UM Admin Web

URL to UM Admin Web in the form http(s)://<server>(:<port>)/<UserManagement application>

Wizard Create new profile - Properties in step 3 Connection to WebOffice



Wizard Create new profile - Step 3 Connection to WebOffice


In step 4, the connection to the user management database can be specified.




Synchronise to user management database

Determines whether the settings made in WebOffice author standalone are to be synchronized to a user management database.

Synchronize all referenced service connections of project to the UM-DB

This setting also allows to synchronize layers of published services that are connected. If this option is not selected, only layers connected to ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro are synchronized with the user management.


The activation of this function can have negative effects on the performance of the WebOffice author standalone. You can perform full synchronization without saving at any time when the project is open by right-clicking the user management icon in the footer.

Database type

Database type of the user management database


Server of the user management database


Name of the user management database


User of the user management database


Password of the user of the user management database

Wizard Create new profile - Properties of step 4 User Management



Wizard Create new profile - Step 4 User Management


After a summary in step 5, the creation of the application profile can be completed.

Import old WebOffice author application profiles

Alternatively, you can also select the option Import application profiles from WebOffice author in step 1. If you select this option, all application profiles available in the old WebOffice author are listed in step 2. A call sign next to the name indicates that the corresponding application profile name has already been assigned in WebOffice author standalone. A checkbox can be used to decide which application profiles are to be transferred, and there is also a Copy all checkbox for selecting all application profiles.



Wizard Create new profile - Properties of Import application profiles


After a summary in step 3, the import process can be performed.