The RSS feed enables the WebOffice flex client to include RSS information directly below the toolbar of the client. The user can define a text color and the background color of the RSS texts. Additionally the usage of hyperlinks can be enabled or disabled.



This tool is only available in the WebOffice flex client.



Configuration - RSS feed

Configuration - RSS feed




RSS feed url

Declaration of the RSS feed URL

Allow hyperlinks?

Specifies whether hyperlinks in the RSS messages shall be identifiable for display via hyperlink (true) or not (false).

Text color

Color of the RSS text in RGB format

Background color

Background color of the RSS text in RGB format

Properties - RSS feed





Please note that rss2json, the API required to use this service, now requires a valid key. This key can be purchased free of charge by registering at under certain restrictions. VertiGIS provides such a free key with the delivery of WebOffice 10.9 SP1, which however is not intended to be used productively by customers. This key can only be used for principle tests. If RSS feeds are to be available in the WebOffice flex client, a separate account must be created at accordingly. The integration of this account is described step by step in the following section:


Step one:

At you have to create an account with the desired restrictions.


rss2json-account creation

rss2json-account creation

Step two:

Log in with the newly created account and copy the key.  

Copy the key

Copy the key


Step three:

Use the text editor (e.g. Notepad ++) to replace the existing key in the properties_weboffice.xml file with your own key and save it. This file can be found under : <Tomcat_installation_folder>\webapps\<WebOffice_application>\client_mobile\jss\properties_weboffice.xml


Replace the key in the "synergis_weboffice.xml" file

Replace the key in the "synergis_weboffice.xml" file



More information about the representation of the RSS feed within the WebOffice flex client you can find in the chapter Other Map Elements.