The Restrict U-Turns Parameter permit or restrict the route from making U-Turns at junctions. The parameter consists of four different options which will be described in the following table.


Configuration - Restrict U-Turns

Configuration - Restrict U-Turns




Restrict U-Turns

The parameter defines the Prohibition or the Allowance of U-Turns for the route calculation. Therefore four different options can be defined.

Allow backtrack: U-Turns are permitted everywhere. Allowing U-turns implies that the vehicle can turn around at a junction and double back on the same street.

Dead ends and intersections: U-Turns are prohibited at junctions where exactly two adjacent streets met.

At dead ends only: U-Turns are prohibited at all junctions and intersections and are permitted at dead ends only.

No backtrack: U-Turns are prohibited at all junctions, intersections and dead-ends.


Even when this parameter value is chosen, the route can still make U-Turns at stops.

If no value is defined at this parameter the default value of the service for this parameter will be used.

Properties - Restrict U-Turns