All layers of a ArcGIS Server MapService that are influenced by the range slider are configured here.


Configuration of a list of layers

Configuration of a list of layers





Selection of a corresponding layer based on the layer ID, with which a unique assignment to a certain layer of the map service is made.


Defines the field of the layer that is to be used for value filtering.

Offset value

Specifies a positive or negative value that is included for the filter on this layer. This allows a fixed offset between the values of different layers to be corrected, for example if one layer contains data in meters above sea level and another layer contains a height above ground level.


For date values, the offset must be specified in milliseconds, such as'-3600000 to decrease by one hour.

Properties of a layer



If the CONFIG log category is set to the DEBUG level, a precise list of all defined range sliders and the affected layers appears in the log. This is very helpful to detect or analyze problems or inconsistencies in the configuration.

If either the Numeric value range or date value range type is used to configure the Value Range, CodedValues or Lookups defined on an ArcGIS layer or via the WebOffice configuration cannot be considered. Please alternatively use Manually configured value list'.

If more than one layer is configured, the different configured layers must be compatible with each other regarding data type and CodedValues in order to be used.

The field of the first (top) configured layer specifies the used data type: (NUMBER_FIXED, NUMBER_FLOATING, DATE or STRING). Layers that are not compatible with it cannot be used.

The field of the first (top) configured layer specifies if and which CodedValues are applied. If different CodedValues are defined on the other layers, the CodedValues of the first layer will still be used.

Please note the corresponding warnings when starting the project!