A predefined query may contain one or multiple Condition elements. Conditions are logical operators to logically combine one or multiple search fields.



It is not possible in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 to configure nested conditions.

Logical OR operator is only possible on lowest hierarchy level.

It is possible to negate conditions and comparisons with the attribute Negate comparative operator?.


Condition configuration

Condition configuration




Logical operator

Use AND for using logical operator Field1 AND Field2 …

Use OR for using logical operator Field1 OR Field2 …


Fields by default get combined using AND, i.e. if you do not need to configure any Condition element if you want to use AND.

Negate comparative operator?

This configuration attribute negates comparisons and conditions as follows:

Condition: The result of a condition will be negated (means anything except ...)

BETWEEN Comparison: between becomes to not between

LIKE Comparison: like becomes to not like

Equals Comparison: equal [=] becomes to unequal [<>].

Greater Than Comparison: greater than [>] becomes to not smaller than (means greater or equal [>=])

Smaller Than Comparison: smaller than [<] becomes to not greater than (means less or equal [<=])

Condition properties



See chapter Comparison Elements for configuration details about the various operator types.

See also Queries for details about queries in the WebOffice core client.