List of Layer Categories

The list of layer categories specifies the categories for grouping layers in the following tools:



Select - Rectangle/Box (and other selection tools)

Free Labeling


Identify MapTip


Map Overlay


Using the group function, it is possible to provide layers to a user in a structured way.



Layer categories do not perform with WebOffice mobile client.


List of layer categories configuration

List of layer categories configuration




Category prefix

Text before each category name in the compact display

Category suffix

Text after each category name in the compact display

Layer prefix

Text before each layer name in the compact display

List of layer categories properties


Layer categories can be named.


Layer category name configuration

Layer category name configuration




Layer category name

Alias name for a layer category that can be defined for multiple languages.

Layer category name properties



If you do not relate every selectable/identifiable layer to an according layer category, all unclassified layers will be listed automatically in a category Other layers.



After various layer categories have been defined in this entry point, you will have to relate these categories to configured layers that are selectable/identifiable. See chapter Layer Queries for details.

See also the chapter Select for information about how layer categories appear in the WebOffice html client.