Using lookups on filters, the selection values defined under Filter parameters can be substituted by other names in the client. To do this, a lookup table must exist that contains the selection values to be substituted in one field and the substituting terms in another field. Then in WebOffice author the lookup ID field must be defined, as well as the field containing the data to be displayed. The Check consistency option allows you to only make values from the lookup table available that actually exist in the data.


Definition of Lookups of a Filter

Definition of Lookups of a Filter




Lookup data field

Field of lookup table to be shown in the client user interface (GUI).

Lookup ID field

Field of lookup table for defining the relation

Check consistency?

Specifies whether to check existence of each of the lookup values in the Feature class before providing the value to the search/edit form list box (true) or not (false). The latter is optimum concerning performance.

Lookup properties