List of Filter Parameters

A Filter Parameter enables the user to change the filter definition by entering different values. This way, various analysis can be executed resp. the filtering of data can be varied.


Filter parameter configuration

Filter parameter configuration




Usage hint

Usage hint displayed in the client user interface (GUI)


Parameter caption displayed in the client user interface (GUI).


Identifier to be used in filter condition:

-For fields of type textbox for exact search

STREET = <param1>

Or for doing a search that contains the filter value

STREET LIKE *<param1>*

Or for doing a search that starts with the filter value

STREET LIKE <param1>*

-For fields of type number or date

VALID_FROM <= <param1> AND VALID_TO >= <param1>

Input field control type

Specifies the input field control type:

- textbox for text gadgets (also for numeric input)

- listbox for lists

- checkbox for checkboxes

- date for date fields

Selection values

Provide allowed list values using the | symbol for separating values e.g. protected|development|commercial. Using a list it is possible to provide multiple checkbox values.


Using a list and the input field control type checkbox, the filter definition condition must use IN instead of = because multiple values are passed comma separated and there has to be at least one additional value (e.g. a dummy value) to make the IN operator work instead of the = operator. E.g.: fieldname IN (<param1>,dummy).

Default value

Default value. For date fields the current date is used by default in the user interface. This may be overwritten specifying another default date using the date format specified in the date format settings (Common settings - general category).


With <current date> it is also possible to calculate the date by adding the operator +/- together with an integral specification of days. Example:

<current date> + 30 shows the date 30 days before

<current date> - 30 shows the date 30 days ago


If input fields of type checkbox are provided then the initial check state of all checkboxes can be specified.


If using multiple checkboxes, either none (No) or all (Yes) checkboxes are checked by default.

Filter parameter properties