Geoprocessing Input Parameter

Configure Geoprocessing Input Parameters here.


Geoprocessing input parameter configuration

Geoprocessing input parameter configuration





Name of the Geoprocessing parameter

Name of the Geoprocessing input parameter which should be pre-initialized with a given value.

Value of the Geoprocessing parameter

Value of the Geoprocessing input parameter which should be pre-initialized.


When using WebOffice usermanagement it is possible to transfer the current logged in user to the geoprocessing tool. Use in this case the pattern <%user%>. We recommend to set the parameter User may change to No', so that the user cannot change the parameter.

User may change?

Specifies whether the user may change or set the input parameter value.

Maximum count of geometries

If this is a geometry input parameter, this value defines the maximum count of input geometries.

Geoprocessing input parameter properties