File Upload Properties

Specifies the File Upload Properties for the edit input field type File Upload.



When configuring file upload properties, please keep in mind to assign the input field type file upload to the editing field.


File upload properties configuration

File upload properties configuration




Path for storing files

Path for storing files on server. The directory used for storing the uploaded files should not be located inside the Tomcat application or the web server path. To be able to download or display the uploaded files, the folder has to be related to a virtual directory with minimal access rights. The virtual directory should not allow directory browsing or executing of files. The user executing the Tomcat (SYSTEM) has to have at least write rights on the directory.


Using multiple editing fields for file upload on one or more edit layers, it is recommended to use a certain file structure for document storing:


o<Edit Layer1>

<Edit Field1>

Doc1, Doc2, Doc3

<Edit Field2>


o<Edit Layer2>


Quota [KB]

Maximum size of file upload in KB.

Allowed File Types

Provide allowed file types using the | symbol for separating values, e.g. jpg|png|gif.

File upload properties properties



See chapter Editing Fields for information about editing field configuration.

See chapter Editing for details about editing in the WebOffice core client.