Using Copy from Layers it is possible to control the layers available as reference layers for the copy from edit action. Also layers uploaded by the Upload Local Geodata tool can be used.



In order to use the edit action copy from the reference layer to be configured must be identifiable/searchable. See chapter Define Selectable/Identifiable Layers for more information.


You can copy from references layers of the same geometric type like the edit layer only.


Copy from layers configuration

Copy from layers configuration




Default layer

Specifies the default layer to be used in the Copy from edit action.

Enable upload layers?

Include (Yes) or exclude (No) uploaded feature layers in the list of source layers for edit action copy from layers.

Copy from layers properties


Reference layer configuration for copy from layers

Reference layer configuration for copy from layers



See chapter List of Available Edit Actions for details how to configure the edit action copy from.

See chapter Edit Layers for details about the configuration of edit layers.

See chapter Editing for details about editing in the WebOffice core client.