Database Connections

Configure database connections necessary for querying tables (database tables) and providing lookup functionality.



JDBC drivers are available for almost any database. Search the database provider websites for detailed information and JDBC driver download. The most important databases like ORACLE or Microsoft SQL Server provide JDBC driver setups for free. In case that no JDBC driver is available for a specific database, then it is possible to use the so called JDBC-ODBC bridge implemented by SUN in the SUN Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Using the JDBC-ODBC bridge it is possible to access the database from JAVA using an existing OBDC data source.

ODBC connections are not supported anymore with Java 8.

Note that with WebOffice 10.9 SP1 there is no support for SQL Server 2000 driver. You can use the downward compatible SQL Server 2008R2 driver and syntax for connecting to a SQL Server 2000.


Database connection configuration

Database connection configuration


Below you find a detailed description of the database connection properties.




DB-Connection parameter

Database Connection information is needed for functions like advanced search with listvalues respectively for hierarchical search or for being able to create the quick search index.


Prerequisite for a working database connection is installation of a JDBC driver on the application server.

for ORACLE: jdbc:oracle:thin:@[HOST][:PORT]:SID or jdbc:oracle:thin:@//[HOST][:PORT]/SERVICE or jdbc:oracle:thin:@<TNSName>

for MS SQL Server (for default SQL Server configuration with dynamic port): jdbc:sqlserver://hostsde\instance;DatabaseName=MyDatabase;trustServerCertificate=true

for MS SQL Server (for recommended SQL Server configuration with decidedly configured port): jdbc:sqlserver://hostsde\instance:1433;DatabaseName=MyDatabase;trustServerCertificate=true

for MS Access DB: jdbc:ucanaccess://filepath/mydatabase.mdb

for MySQL (MySQL Version 5.1.5): com.mysql.jdbc.Driver: Driver must be installed

for Postgres: jdbc:postgresql://hostsde:5432/mydatabase


The necessary database connection parameter for successfully connecting to a database may vary because it depends on the actual installation and configuration. Refer to the JDBC driver documentation of the database and/or driver provider for details.

ODBC connections are not supported anymore with Java 8.

The following MS Access DB formats are supported: 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

DB user name

Database user name for read access to the database.


If the connection points to a MS Access DB, that is not secured via user/pwd, please configure the default user Admin.


Password for the database user.

Connection Pool

Optional connection pool to be used. If configured then DB driver configuration is ignored.

Oracle OCI
for ORACLE (pooled connections) oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleOCIConnectionPool: Suitable DB-Driver must be installed before

Oracle Thin
for ORACLE (pooled connections) oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource: Has advantages when using multiplexed connections; Suitable DB-Driver must be installed before (ojdbc14.jar)


It may be necessary to install specific DB components on the server to use connection pooling.

Connection Pool max size

Optional: Connection pool max size

Connection pool increments

Optional: Connection pool increment

Idle time [s]

Optional: Idle time in seconds, when an unused connection gets closed.

Max. Statements

Optional: Max. statements cached

Database connection properties