Connections in WebOffice author standalone

The following components can be connected to WebOffice author standalone:


ArcGIS Server map services (via REST) as well as Routing-, Network- and Geocodeservices


ArcGIS Pro-documents


WebOffice applications


The connections are displayed in the left hand side of the footer. A green point symbolize a successfull connection, a red point a not successfull connection. The connections can be displayed by mouse-over the respective icon and added or disconnected by right-clicking on the icons.



WebOffice author standalone: connections


Connecting to an ArcGIS Pro Project

Connecting to an ArcGIS Pro Project



Please note that for an automatic connection between the ArcGIS Pro project and the WebOffice author standalone the name in the map properties in ArcGIS pro must be the same as the map service name in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project.


ArcGIS Pro Map Properties name

ArcGIS Pro Map Properties name


woas_layer_validation  The lower bar also contains the layer validation for the current project. If certain layers have not yet been assigned, the corresponding number can be found in the bar next to the icon.