List of ArcGIS Server Output Services

It is possible to configure a list of ArcGIS Server Output Services for the scheduled cleanup tasks.


Cleanup Output Services properties

Cleanup Output Services properties





Specifies the URL of the ArcGIS Server Output Service.

e.g. http://<server name>/ArcGIS/rest/services/<myService>/MapServer

Start Time

Sets the start time for cleanup (24h format: e.g. 00:00, 14:00).


Sets the cleanup interval in hours (e.g. 24, 12, 48).


Only integers are allowed.

Cleanup Output Services properties



If the cleanup is configured for an output service that is not configured in any project of your WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application, the scheduled cleanup tasks will be ignored. For safety reasons WebOffice 10.9 SP1 checks, if your data share directory is exactly named like WebOfficeDataShare'. It is not possible to configure a cleanup for any different named data share directory. Please find more details about the configuration of a data share in List of Data Share Directories.

In case of problems with the automatic cleanup, the following workaround can also be set up: Automated task to clean up directories