List of Data Shares

It is possible to configure a list of data shares for the scheduled cleanup tasks.


Cleanup Data share properties

Cleanup Data share properties





Rest Endpoint URL of ArcGIS Server for Admin API.

e.g. http://<server name>:6080/arcgis

Start Time

Sets the start time for cleanup (24h format: e.g. 00:00, 14:00).


Sets the cleanup interval in hours (e.g. 24, 12, 48).


Only integers are allowed.

Cleanup Data share properties



For security reasons WebOffice 10.9 SP1 checks, if your data share directory is exactly named like WebOfficeDataShare. It is not possible to configure a cleanup for any different named data share directory. Please find more details about the configuration of a data share in List of Data Share Directories.


Since this cleanup process may cause problems (e.g. due to misconfigured paths which results in corresponding log messages), a script is provided on the WebOffice DVD under Software\Miscellaneous\Automatization\ which takes over this task and which can be implemented via an automated Windows task, for example. Three variables are customizable in the custom area of the script: the path of the WebOfficeDataShare folder, the path of the SynOutputService data, and the path where a log file is to be created. The script deletes all content in the WebOfficeDataShare folder and all feature datasets in the fGDBs of the syn_upload folders, which are not used in any Project states. It also deletes all entries in the syn_upload tables, which are not used in any Project states.



Console output for execution of