The Statistic settings allow the user to adjust settings through the access statistics of the WebOffice.csv file in the <WebOffice application>\WEB-INF\work directory.


Statistics configuration

Statistics configuration





User tracking?

Save personal data in WebOffice.csv (IP, USER, USER_INFO)?

Access tracking?

Activates detailed logging on object access level for providing an answer to the question Who did access which object at which point of time?


The activation of this option can cause performance related disadvantages. Use adequate tools for the analysis of large statistic files. Logged are query searches and editing processes.

Excluded Service-Accounts

User accounts excluded from the access statistics (| separated values).


The user accounts configured here will only be excluded from the access statistics seen by SynAdmin. The service-accounts still will be logged in the CSV files.

Enhanced logging function?

Activates the enhanced logging function. The Enhanced logging function allows the user to add further parameters to the Weboffice statistics file (Weboffice.csv) which can be used for statistical evaluations. The additional parameters can be defined at Additional Parameters. Since the parameters are header parameters, the defined parameters must appear in the headers in order to have it's corresponding values saved in the statistics file.

Additional Parameters

Define header parameters which corresponding values will be saved in the Weboffice statistics file (Weboffice.csv) if the defined parameters appear in the headers and the Enhanced logging function is active. If the Enhanced logging function is not active the defined parameters will be ignored. Please use a ";" to separate each parameter.


Additional parameters are only considered in the scenario if Enhanced logging function is active.

Enhanced log on all entries

Specifies wether enhanced logging is only written when a project is started or enhanced logging is added to each entry of the WebOffice statistics file (WebOffice.csv).

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