Truststore "WebOffice"

This Truststore contains the (public) SSL certificates that shall be synchronized into the Truststore Java during the initialization of WebOffice. This Truststore can be used as a backup to save certificates that have previously been defined as trustworthy.

These certificates will then not be lost in case of any changes to the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), e.g. when a current version of Java is installed.

The Truststore Path as well as the Password are optional as a default value is defined for both attributes. Please refer to the respective attribute for more detailed information.


Truststore 'WebOffice' configuration

Truststore 'WebOffice' configuration




Truststore Path

The path to the Truststore, either an absolute path or a path relative to the web application.

The default value is WEB-INF\work\truststore\cacerts_weboffice'


Password of Truststore