Localization configuration defines the default and optional supported languages for multi-language projects.


Localization configuration

Localization configuration




Default language

For each new language the properties files (e.g. language_sk.properties) must be available (translated resource bundle). The properties files have to be coded using iso-8859-1 with Unicode (for sk, cz, ...) characters.

If you want to explicitly change the language in your WebOffice project, use HTTP Get parameter language, eg. language=en.

Enforce default language?

If enabled (true) the language set as Default language for the client will be enforced, no matter which browser locale/regional settings are set on the client desktop.

If disabled (false) WebOffice 10.9 SP1 will try to use the language determined by the browser locale/regional settings set on the client desktop. If this language is not supported (i.e. no language resource bundle is available), it will try to use the language configured as default language.

Localization configuration