Custom Specific Extensions

Configure Customer specific extensions that allow additional programming of server-side functionality to expand and modify the WebOffice 10.9 R3 standard product.

For detailed information, please contact your corresponding WebOffice Support Team.


Custom specific extensions configuration

Custom specific extensions configuration




Custom Extension ID

Used by external custom application to identify the extension, e.g. thirdparty_extension.

Custom Extension Class

Used to add or change the server functionality. Specify as fully qualified name of the class, e.g. com.mysynergis.custom.thirdparty.CustomExtension.

Custom Handler Class

Used to add or change server actions, i.e. to extend functions of the WebOffice standard product.

Specify as fully qualified name, e.g. com.mysynergis.custom.CustomAppHandler.

Config file path

A XML configuration file with information which is specifically used in this extension.

Path relative to the /configuration folder in WEB-INF, e.g. projects/WebOffice/WebOfficeSampleProject.xml.

Config file path

A XSD file which describes the structure(s) of a valid request to the service synservicexml.

All requests which can be validated with this scheme are subsequently redirected to this extension for processing.

Path relative to the configuration folder in WEB-INF, e.g. projects/WebOffice/SampleProject.xsd.

This attribute is required for a CustomerExtension which implements HandleXmlRequest.

Configuration - Customer specific extensions