Authentication Type User Management Database

Using Authentication Type UserManagement-Database it is possible to store the user accounts into your WebOffice usermanagement rights repository. User login will be checked against the user accounts stored in the rights repository.


Recommended scenarios for this authentication type are:

ASP (Application Service Providing) implementations – you want to strictly isolate ASP users from operating system users,

Integrating the operating system authentication system is not possible or wanted at all.


Authentication type UserManagement-Database configuration

Authentication type UserManagement-Database configuration


Using a URL for a secure connection the application will be referenced via normal HTTP but sensible data like login data etc. will be transferred via HTTPS.



Pay attention to Explicitly Supported Scenarios for https.


If you want to provide a guest user account without login dialog, you can configure a user name i.e guest. If the user guest has access rights on a project, the project can be started with a user parameter without login dialog.



The authentication type UserManagement-Database uses the WebOffice login dialog and users and passwords are managed by the WebOffice UM Repository. A general comparison of the common authentication methods in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 can be found in chapter Overview of authentication methods.




URL for secure connection

Secure Connection configuration. Use this for providing encrypted log in.

The URL for secure connection must look like https://<server>:<port>.

Prerequisite for use of a secure connection is:

When working with a web server (IIS, Apache):  a valid and installed SSL certificate on web server,

When working with Tomcat (without web server): a valid and installed SSL certificate on JDK as well as a correct Tomcat (servlet engine) configuration (SSL port, connector).

When working with Apache Reverse Proxy please ensure to map both, absolute and relative paths

Guest user (anonymous)

Provide the login of the user who is allowed to start a project session without login dialog (call with a user parameter).

For example: http://<myserver>:<port>/WebOffice/synserver?project=MyProject&user=guest

Change initial password?

Specifies whether users must change their initial password at the first login (true) or not (false).


Authentication type UserManagement Database configuration