Restrictions in header value/roles attribute

WebOffice 10.9 SP1 supports transferring restrictions for roles as a header attribute. That means the portal may transfer additional information via the header attribute to WebOffice 10.9 SP1.

E.g. if the role is defined as properties, it is possible to transfer properties(no=70101) in the header. So it is possible to define different values in brackets that can be used in WebOffice usermanagement for setting restrictions. More values can be transferred by using comma separation. The variable %no% gets in this example the value 70101.

So a Restrictions for Layers can be used in WebOffice usermanagement for filtering:


WHERE PROP_NO = „%no%“



no is just an example, other attributes/values can be used instead.


Additionally the transferred restriction can be used for Editing Configuration for User Management as clientID.



The mandant is properties and the clientID is 70101, in this case by editing via WebOffice usermanagement the value 70101 will be used as clientID.



This possibility to pass restrictions differs from the header-based PVP Restrictions, where several header values are possible. In this case, see chapter Restrictions header-based (several header values)