Authentication Type DIGEST

Using Authentication Type DIGEST lets you use the digest windows authentication. WebOffice usermanagement then trusts the identity check (authentication) of the web server respectively application server. Digest access authentication is one of the agreed-upon methods (RFC 2617) a web server can use to negotiate credentials, such as username or password, with a user's web browser. Technically, digest authentication is an application of MD5 cryptographic hashing with usage of nonce values to prevent replay attacks. It uses the HTTP protocol.



<The authentication type HTTP does not use the WebOffice login dialog. The authentication is based on the BASIC authentication dialog.  A general comparison of the common authentication methods in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 can be found in chapter Overview of authentication methods.


Authentication type DIGEST configuration

Authentication type DIGEST configuration




Use user roles only?

Use role based information from authentication system. No storage and maintenance of user objects in the user management database is necessary then.

Authentication type DIGEST configuration