Authentication Type BASIC

Using Authentication Type BASIC user login and user login check will be done by web server using basic authentication (password is encoded but NOT encrypted).

Recommended scenarios for this Authentication type are:

implementing user login in an intranet using BASIC authentication

implementing application server level single sign on with centralized role administration. Roles get assigned by assigning users to groups (group members) in the central LDAP system. Specify role definitions in WebOffice usermanagement rights repository and map the role definitions from rights repository to user groups in LDAP system. No user account information is needed at all in the WebOffice usermanagement rights repository. A Java application server is needed for using this functionality.



The authentication type HTTP does not use the WebOffice login dialog. The authentication is based on the BASIC authentication dialog.  A general comparison of the common authentication methods in WebOffice 10.9 SP1 can be found in chapter Overview of authentication methods.


Authentication type BASIC configuration

Authentication type BASIC configuration




Use user roles only?

Use role based information from authentication system. No storage and maintenance of user objects in the user management database is necessary then.

Authentication type BASIC configuration