File Structure of the "User Management Admin Web" Application

In this chapter the file structure of the UserManagement Admin Web web application is described.


UserManagement Admin Web directory

UserManagement Admin Web directory


Below find the description for important directories and files.





Contains the UserManagementAdmin.log file. If there is no file with logging and debugging information available check the permissions on the /tmp directory!


Log levels are to be configured at <log4net> in the web.config file.


The file web.config holds the connection information to access the user management database(s) and the visibility settings for the wizards in UserManagement Admin Web. Every database connection has a connection profile (GeoUserManagementConnection).

From a technical point of view the connection is established via the file GeoProject.dll.


For details about configuration of a connection profile, see chapter Configure the File web.config.

For details about changing log levels, see chapter WebOffice User Management Logging.

Important UserManagement Admin Web application directories and files