Map Views and Basemaps

A.Map Views

A map that consists of up to 200 layers is quite complex and hard to understand for casual non expert users. A map collection increases complexity even more. Therefore WebOffice 10.9 R3 provides the concept of predefined map views which makes switching between different visibility settings of layers, layer groups and services much easier for the user.


Advantages of map views are:

Easy to use because the user just has to select a value from a list box control

A map view does not contain visibility settings only but e.g.

oTransparency levels for map services as well as

oExpansion status of elements of the table of contents (expanded or collapsed map service node etc.) and optional

oAdditional information like metadata info etc.


Therefore, we recommend to use always map views, because only they assure the acceptance of non expert users.


When switching between map views please consider, that the TOC status of layer groups and layers will remain, if a new status is not explicitly configured. e.g.:

When switching from map view A to map view B, whereby a layer in map view B is set to OFF and afterwards switching back from map view B to map view A, whereby the layer is NOT explicitly set to ON in map view A, then the latest TOC status with OFF will remain.

To avoid this issue, the layer must be explicitly set to ON in map view A.


Concept of map views based on map collection services

Concept of map views based on map collection services



Additionally to predefined map views which mostly comprise of a collection of operational layers, WebOffice 10.9 R3 provides the option to summarize various maps of the map collection into basemaps. These basemaps are best for maps whose purpose is view only. Basemaps can be changed independently from map views which means that users can easily decide which map background enhances their map view.


Advantages of basemaps are:

Independent change of the map background (Topographic map, Aerial View, etc...) when using map views

Decrease of the number of map views in clients without a table of content (WebOffice mobile client, WebOffice flex client)



Detailed information for map views can be found in chapter Map Views.

Detailed information for basemaps can be found in chapter Basemaps.