Use ArcGIS Server Manager as Administrative Tool

When it comes to publishing services with ArcGIS Server, the sharing process starts directly in ArcMap by clicking File > Share As > Service... which leads to the service editor. There you can specify important parameters (which can also be changed in the ArcGIS Server Manager), e.g. if the service will be dynamic or cached.


Later on, for administering ArcGIS Server it is recommended to use the ArcGIS Server Manager via the URL:


ArcGIS Server Manager

ArcGIS Server Manager


With the ArcGIS Server Manager you can

add extensions like the Server Object Extension  to the site

activate the Server Object Extension in the capabilities of the SynOutputService

manage services

ostop or restart a service

oedit permission for a service

osee the workspace of a service

odelete a service

administer roles and users of your GIS server

specify the level of detail for creating ArcGIS Server log messages

retrieve ArcGIS Server logs in case of troubleshooting