WebOffice 10.9 SP1 takes many ArcMap layer properties into consideration such as:

Name and Visibility

See the previous chapter Table of Content for detailed information on what you should take into consideration when specifying ArcMap layer names and layer visibility.

Scale Range

General recommendations are:

Every layer should have a defined scale range.

On a certain scale the count of features rendered in the map for a specific layer should at maximum be about 100 objects. This is a very rough estimate anyway, because data fetch time, layer symbol renderers etc. influence the rendering time,

Think about used layer symbols and renderers. Complex renderers take a lot more time to render then simple renderers.



Caused to a limitation in the base technology it might happen, when Printing in a scale close to the minimum/maximum scale, that the layer will not be in the final print output. Please consider to configure bounteously scale ranges.


 ArcMap layer properties - scale ranges

 ArcMap layer properties - scale ranges


In the ArcMap Layer Properties dialog on the Fields tab it is possible to set certain fields to invisible. WebOffice 10.9 SP1 takes care of this configuration and does not provide invisible fields at all. This way it is possible to easily and precisely specify which fields and field contents will be available to users and which not.


Especially for Feature classes with many (dozens of) fields you should make use of the field visibility settings in order to make search results easier to understand and interpret. As a thumb rule you should try to avoid more than 10 visible (and displayed) fields on a layer.


ArcMap layer properies - fields

ArcMap layer properies - fields



It is strongly recommended not to deactivate the OBJECTID field! This field is used internally as primary key to identify features. If deactivated WebOffice 10.9 SP1 has to activate it internally for every transaction on the layer (Search, Identify and MapTip). This will dramatically slow down feature identification. If you do not want to see the OBJECTID field in your search results, you will have to configure this explicitly in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project configuration. See chapter Result Field List for details.


Furthermore it is recommended not to deactivate the SHAPE field! For more details see SHAPE Field for Spatial Information.

Find more best practices regarding fields in chapter Field Alias and Field Properties.