Be Able to Switch Layer Visibilities while Using Caches

A lot of casual users of WebOffice 10.9 SP1 will be 100% satisfied with the map cache display representing a specific predefined view on the geodata. These casual users are typically the majority of the users (85%). Anyway some power users (5 up to 15%) will require switching visibilities on layer level for a more flexible use of the WebOffice html client.


WebOffice 10.9 SP1 provides a specific scenario for this. In this scenario it is still possible to use map caches for processing most of the map requests without causing significant server load. Anyway it is possible to provide the needed flexibility of switching layer visibilities using a dynamic service for the small amount of map requests from power users.


For implementing this scenario you just need to provide two ArcGIS Server services instead of one. Both of them are based on the same ArcMap document:

One service is of type cache

The other service is of type dynamic


The user will then be able to quickly switch between the cached service and the dynamic service. By default the cached service will be visible, the dynamic service will be invisible. Switching between the services should be as easy as possible. Therefore use of map views is recommended.


By providing two map views (names are e.g. My Cache and My Dynamic Service) with My Cache as default active map view you can meet expectations of both casual users (quick and easy use) and power users (full flexibility).