Performance troubles

In the case of performance problems in the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 projects, fundamental points on the system should always be checked first:


Are the minimum system requirements met?

oProcessor, hard disk, RAM, graphics card

oThis link can be used to check whether the machine can run ArcGIS.

Does the problem occur with all data sources?

Does the problem occur on other machines as well?

What happens if another user logs on to the same machine?

oThe Windows-/Esri user profile could be corrupted.

Can the same problem be detected with a local file geodatabase?

Is a virus scanner always active?

oThe virus scanner should not constantly check every file access.

oIn case of performance issues of the WebOffice author standalone the directory %APPDATA%\VertiGIS\WebOfficeAuthorStandalone should be excluded from the virus scan.

Are old device drivers used?

Are old software versions (ArcGIS, WebOffice + components) used?


Note: More information and suggestions for improvement on this subject can be found in the chapter performance and its subchapters.