Simple Thematic Mapping

This chapter comprises a list of typical log entries for simple thematic mapping (arranged alphabetically) together with links to the chapters for solving the problem.

The list is being extended continuously.



Simple Thematic Mapping


#2014-07-08 16:21:22,202 WARN [ajp-bio-8009-exec-9 ] [project name] D832ED5A2C7F10E5B37CD6E77C269D36 630927183 E241351023T9282204 service is not capabable of dynamic re-rendering content (com.mysynergis.functions.geoserver.ags_rest_map.R@5742335f[ service=SampleProject/SampleProject_Poi serverType=MAP_SERVER authType=CONFIGURATION hostType=ONPREMISE username=publisher projectionDefinition=<null> serviceRasterFactory=<null> ]), ignoring static-thematic-mapping on layer (Emergency), please ensure that you activate the dynamic layer checkbox on the respective mapservic


 activate the dynamic layer checkbox on the respective mapservice

 See chapter: Simple Thematic Mapping



#2015-03-10 03:06:56,447  WARN  [WebOffice102 PROJECT_START thread 1-14] [Projektname]                          PROJECT_START thread 1-14        262679   E521403559T3216443

thematic style warnings occured while executing operation (StaticThematicStyle):

ignoring layer style (layer: MPR, style: E:\arcgisserver\directories\WebOffice_ServiceDocuments\LYR\MPR_beschriftet.lyr, details: [failed to build dynamic layer (layer name: MPR, styleID: ed85730e-9133-4ff7-ba2f-42bb7d8f3a92, AutomationException: 0x80030004 - The table was not found. [VAT_DOM_mit_Bewuchs] in Esri GeoDatabase'])



#2015-03-10 03:06:56,756 WARN  [WebOffice102 PROJECT_START thread 1-14] [Projektname]                          PROJECT_START thread 1-14        262988   E521403559T3216754

no static thematic mappings were created/creatable, ignoring static-thematic-mapping on layer (MPR)


 No static thematic mappings were created because either

 - Lyr file is not accessible,

 - or an unsupported renderer was in use,

 - or a class of the renderer had an unsupported marker

 See chapter: Simple Thematic Mapping