This chapter comprises a list of typical log entries for rasterinfo (arranged alphabetically) together with links to the chapters for solving the problem.

The list is being extended continuously.





#2014-06-24 15:35:01,520 WARN [WebOfficeLatest Subindex Manager] [project name] Subindex Manager 510220666 E586378293T6901528 TOOL_RASTERINFO does not contain any valid layers, please check the configuration for layer type

#2014-06-24 15:35:01,696 WARN [WebOfficeLatest Subindex Manager] [project name] Subindex Manager 510220842 E586378293T6901699 a configured raster layer (DTM) is not resolvable, excluding layer from tool_rasterinfo


 Rasterinfo Tool has invalid raster layer (layer has to be raster layer or image layer)

 See chapter: Rasterinfo


Missing statistics

If the following error message is displayed as a warning message in the WebOffice core Client when executing the 3D-Measure tool:

Only incomplete data could be found for the specified geometry.


And the following WARNINGS can be found in the WebOffice log file:



Then the solution is to calculate the statistics for the raster in the MXD because they were empty.