Multilingual Legends

This chapter comprises a list of typical log entries for multilingual legends (arranged alphabetically) together with links to the chapters for solving the problem.

The list is being extended continuously.



Multilingual Legends


#2014-07-29 11:18:45,147 WARN [ajp-bio-8009-exec-7 ] [project name] B4DCC5DCE52BE563E4C7EE8CA7804B61 74996376 E56342048T5525143 The following Legend Nodes have no translation in the Legend Resource: C:\Tomcat\webapps\WebOffice\WEB-INF\work\multilang_legend\w-ws-wintner_SampleProject-SampleProject_Cadaster_de.xml :: (x, ) L Building (x, ) L Factory Premises Please add these Properties to the Resource.


 check the respective legend XML file for missing translations


#2014-07-29 11:19:08,876 WARN [ajp-bio-8009-exec-7 ] [project name] B4DCC5DCE52BE563E4C7EE8CA7804B61 75020105 E56342048T5548875 Application is enabled for Multi-Language but no Legend Resource is available... Service: com.mysynergis.functions.geoserver.ags_rest_map.z@e161be[ service=SampleProject/SampleProject_Orthophoto serverType=MAP_SERVER authType=CONFIGURATION hostType=ONPREMISE username=publisher projectionDefinition=<null> serviceRasterFactory=<null> ] Language: en Missing File: w-ws-wintner_SampleProject-SampleProject_Orthophoto_en.xml


 create the respective legend XML file for the mentioned service

 See chapter: Legend Texts