This chapter comprises a list of typical log entries for layers (arranged alphabetically) together with links to the chapters for solving the problem.

The list is being extended continuously.





#2014-06-24 10:43:28,633 WARN  [WebOffice Subindex Manager      ] [project name]                              Subindex Manager                 2810134  E1421856854T5808639

LAYER_NOT_FOUND - Failed to resolve the layer mapping (ORGANISATION UNITS//Headquarters Sectors) on the map service com.mysynergis.functions.geoserver.ags_rest_map.P@451882f5[





#2014-06-24 10:44:01,932 WARN  [WebOffice Subindex Manager      ] [project name]                              Subindex Manager                 2843433  E1421856854T5841935

attempt to fetch a map layer info of type feature (ORGANISATION UNITS//Headquarters Sectors) failed, layer could not be found


 See chapters: Layer Identification