Problems during project initialization

Sometimes it can happen in a WebOffice application that projects could not be initialized completely and are therefore not available. The reason is because a project tries to initialize when starting the application, but the required server resources could not be initialized (e.g. if the main map service was stopped or is not yet available from the server after a restart or the data cannot be read from the database).


If a restart is performed on the server, the start up process of some processes and components on the server should be optimized. This can be optimized with the help of a .BAT script in Windows task scheduling. A .BAT script for the server restart should then start certain processes and applications at different intervals, which are necessary for a functioning WebOffice application.


The order of the .BAT script after restarting the entire server machine should be as follows:

Note: The server machine should already have initialized all other Windows services that are configured to Start Automatically.

1.Start IIS Admin Service

2.Start World Wide Web Publishing Service

3.Start WebOffice extensions

4.Start WebOffice FTS-Index (Port 8983)

5.Start database

6.Start ArcGIS Server

7.Start Apache Tomcat (WebOffice)


Example for Restart.bat file

Example for Restart.bat file


Note: Each task should not take place until the previous task has been successfully completed. Between the start of ArcGIS Server and the start of Apache Tomcat more time should be scheduled, depending on how many map services need to be initialized on the ArcGIS Server.

Note: See also chapter Server Restart.