The WebOffice map widget supports further subfunctions in the Edit: Create tool.

One of these subfunctions is use Create or Link Mode. Here already existing objects or first created objects can be assigned values.

The following example shows the transfer of a GUID from VertiGIS FM. The required values are as follows.


WebOffice map widget Link Mode

WebOffice map widget Link Mode


Input parameter


Link Query ID

Defines the query layer, which is to be edited.

Note: The Query ID is the External Layer-ID of the generic search.

Target Field

Key field to be filled if the field is empty.

Note: The fields of the generic search are displayed here

Link Key Field

Key value which contains the GUID

Note: Here the ObjectID must be selected, which is only displayed if it is defined as a search result field.

Edit Query ID

External Layer ID of the WebOffice 10.9 SP1 Edit layer.

Edit Key Name

Identifies the key attribute of the feature to be created.

Note: The key name is the technical field name (not the alias name) and must be configured as Edit Field.

Edit Key Value

Identifies the key value of the feature to be created.

Note: The value must be escaped correctly.

Edit Return Keys

Identifies the field of the field assignment returned in the response, which was configured in the list of object assignment layers (topological).

Note: It is possible to select more return keys by using the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Make sure that the return key has been configured within the list of object assignment layers (topological).


Specifies a JavaScript callback function.

Input parameter - use Create or Link Mode in WebOffice map widget testcontainer