With WebOffice 10.9 SP1 it is possible to use custom tools also in the WebOffice map widget. These generic tools will not be passed as separate parameters but will be read directly from the project configuration. Therefor, the following settings have to be configured in the project configuration:


Configuration of a custom tool for WebOffice map widget

Configuration of a custom tool for WebOffice map widget





URL of external page

Full URL of external web page/application


Pass parameters to external application via HTTP Get (true or HTTP Post (false).


These settings are only relevant with HTTP transfer.

Access control ID

Access control ID needed for access control based on WebOffice usermanagement.

If an ID is configured here (e.g. MY_CUSTOM_TOOL) and WebOffice WebOffice usermanagement is used, the user role is checked whether it provides the necessary application right or not (according to the example the application right would be MY_CUSTOM_TOOL). If the necessary application right is not available, the button/link for accessing the external application will not be available in the WebOffice GUI.

External Tool-ID

Tool id used for external calls

Web-Integration - configuration of a generic tool



After the configuration is done, the respective custom tool is available in WebOffice map widget:


Custom tool in WebOffice map widget

Custom tool in WebOffice map widget



Please be aware that with WebOffice 10.9 SP1 only simple custom tools with tool-mode click point can be used in WebOffice map widget.