Link to WebOffice with Current Selection

New Custom Page pub/custom_pages/extappResultExtCall.jsp to generate a link to the WebOffice project including currently selected objects and paste the link to the clipboard.


Therefore it is necessary to configure an external call (Call FROM WebOffice) in the respective query minor to Integration of external applications. The Base URL refers to the Custom Page:



z.B. pub/custom_pages/extappResultExtCall.jsp?to=https://w-ws-ginten.synergis.intern/WebOffice105/externalcall.jsp&project=BikeAndRideAustria_Test&query=Bahnstationen&keyname=Name


Make sure that an external Layer-ID is specified for the respective Query layer, which has to be supplied at the Base URL als Query parameter. The field name (parameter keyname) is the technical name (not the alias!) of the respective field.


Furthermore, the field has to be configured as a key in the Key sub-node, where HTTP Parameter Name has to be set to keyvalue.




Configuration of a link to WebOffice with current selection


With this configuration, a link is provided for every query result , which opens an site with the generated link to the WebOffice project including the current selection. Furthermore, the page contains a button to copy the link into the clipboard.



Call of the page, which provides the link to the WebOffice project including the current selection