Usage of the Online Help

Read this chapter to find some hints how to use the online help the best way.

Other manuals

Top right (Other manuals) you will find a selection list of online manuals for WebOffice provided by VertiGIS.

WebOffice 10.9 SP1

WebOffice plot author

Printing Layout Designer

WebOffice ePaper author

WebOffice extract server author


Via the menu bar VertiGIS Products you can also access various manuals related to WebOffice and manuals related to other VertiGIS products.


Title Bar

In the title bar you will find the full path in the table of contents for an opened chapter. With the arrow keys you can easily go to the previous, parent, or next chapter .


In the table of contents, you can navigate to a desired chapter by opening/closing the supeordinate chapters.


Content - table of content of the online help

Content - table of content of the online help


The index contains an alphabetical list of keywords that lead to the respective chapter in the online help. The button Index takes you to the index.


Use the search to look for specific terms in the entire online help. The result of the query will list all chapters that contain the entered term.

You can enter a search directly using the search field in the green menu bar. Via the button Search you get to an advanced search.

Change Language

It is possible to switch between English and German by using the flags on the right top.

Link to a chapter

The individual chapters of the online help are accessible with links. See, and if necessary copy the link to the currently active chapter by clicking the chain symbol on the top right side.