The Landing Page supports an ArcGIS Online search on top right. Within this search you can look for usable content including predefined sources like ArcGIS Online, own portal etc. The result of the ArcGIS Online search can be opened

either in a map viewer

or in ArcGIS Desktop.


Map viewer:

By default the content of a search result will be opened in the ArcGIS Online map viewer. It is also possible to configure any WebOffice 10.9 SP1 project as a container for the search result.


ArcGIS Desktop:

ArcGIS Online results can also be opened in ArcGIS Desktop, if installed and licensed. Opening results in ArcGIS Desktop requires that the result is

either from type Web Map

or from type Web Application and has an web-id


Note: Opening the results in ArcGIS Desktop is not supported on mobile devices and on MS surface RT.


Results of Landing page search

Results of Landing page search


Note: See chapter Content search for details about the configuration of the ArcGIS Online search in WebOffice author.