How to submit a Feature Request

WebOffice is a dynamic product and thrives on customer requirements. WebOffice Ideas is a platform for customers to submit requirements and feature requests on the one hand, on the other hand you can view and vote for other requirements here. It is not a support platform, but a platform to co-design WebOffice. There is one access per customer. If you do not have access yet, please contact the WebOffice product management via email at!

To prevent misunderstandings, an exact description of the feature request is necessary. Use click-by-click instructions, screenshots, links to the user manual etc. if necessary!

WebOffice Ideas - Status definitions

New: Idea has been reported, but not yet viewed/evaluated by Product Management

Effort estimate to follow: has already been evaluated by Product Management, effort for implementation still under clarification

Cost sharing sought: Effort for strategic implementation too high, customers with cost sharing sought

Open: has already been evaluated by Product Management and released for potential votes

Open (fixed): already evaluated by product management and scheduled for implementation by product owner

To be clarified VertiGIS: Idea still needs to be clarified by Product Management, e.g. work-around, possibility of implementation, etc.

To be clarified Customer/Partner: feedback from customer required, e.g. detailed explanation of requirement

Has duplicate: if there are Ideas with the same content, they will be linked

Rejected: Idea rejected because e.g. technically hardly/hardly realizable

Implemented: implemented with version XY

Implementation of the ideas

Average time from submission of the idea to implementation.

290 days

Different functionality from printing over Maptip to administration (WebOffice author)

From which cost share are Ideas implemented?

Depending on the final effort

WebOffice Ideas offers the possibility to find more interested parties and thus reduce the costs for the individual

Why are Ideas rejected?

Each rejection is commented/justified by PM/PO

Different reasons among others

Was already in development planning

Performance-technically not justifiable in the standard

Disproportionately high effort in development/QA

Can be solved otherwise via workarounds