Transfer of WebOffice applications from staging to production

This chapter describes the transfer of WebOffice applications from staging to production and their automation options.

The following contents must be adopted - if there have been corresponding changes to the staging system:

* Application configuration (<WebOffice Application>\WEB-INF\classes\configuration\application_config.xml)

* Project Configurations (<WebOffice Application>\WEB-INF\classes\configuration\projects\*.xml)

* Map documents that serve as a basis for integrated services (normally under <ArcGIS Server>\directories\ServiceDocuments)

* user management database

* Print templates (normally under <ArcGIS Server>\directories\WebOfficePlotTemplates)

* ePaper templates (usually under <ArcGIS Server>\directories\WebOfficeePaperTemplates)

* Extract Templates (usually under <ArcGIS Server>\directories\WebOfficeExport)

* Local data (fGDB) included in the map documents

* Custom content from the pub directory (<WebOffice application>\pub)


After the transfer, the following steps are recommended:

* Checking the most common workflows on the production system (QA tests)

* Setting Up Monitoring for the Productive System