Open a PDF on a distinct page

The parameter #page=" (example: can be used to open a PDF on a specific page. So that this parameter also works in WebOffice despite URL encoding, the following .jsp can be included, which bypasses URL encoding and can call the page number without problems: pub/custom_pages/pdfPage.jsp


The following parameter must be appended to the URL of the .jsp: ?url=<Link to the PDF document>&page=< Page number>


1. Integration in WebOffice as Custom Tool

If only one specific page is to be called, it is advisable to integrate this as a custom tool. To do this, use the URL to the JSP and then the parameters "?url=<Link to PDF document>&page=< Page number>.



To do this, use a static custom tool and define the size of the popup in the Application with static hyperlink node. Select the display mode iFrame: Floating!



Opening a PDF on a distinct page


2. Integration in WebOffice as an Integration of External Applications for passing values from the Attribute Field

If a value should be passed from an attribute field in order to open a document on this page, the .jsp must be integrated in a search result as a link to external applications. For the base URL, enter "pub/custom_pages/pdfPage.jsp?url=<URL for document>&page= and pass the field as a key.