This custom tool allows the end user to open the Mapillary © widget in the WebOffice core client, which displays 360° views from the street perspective. To do this, configure the Custom Tool Mapillary.htm from the C:\Tomcat\webapps\<WebOffice application>\pub\custom_tools directory as follows:


WebOffice 10.9 SP1 offers the technical possibilities to integrate Mapillary © into the application, but the license terms (terms of use) for using the Mapillary © service must be fulfilled in order to use the tool legally. If this is not the case, there is a license failure. VertiGIS does not assume any responsibility for the use of Mapillary © on the basis of licensing regulations. Mapillary© is an external (free) service. VertiGIS therefore has no influence on its availability.


More information about Mapillary © can be found at the following link:


For the use of Mapillary the following basic legal aspects have to be considered:


a)VertiGIS provides a sample code with a developer key. This must not be used for productive environments.

b)For legal reasons the operator of the specific WebOffice instance is obliged to register an own Access Token.

c)The use of Mapillary is basically free of charge.

d)If own images are added to Mapillary, they are automatically available to the public according to the Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 4.0).

(1) Web-Integration - custom tool

Configure a custom tool from the Web Integration tool group with the following parameters:

Url of the external page: pub/custom_tools/Mapillary.htm

JavaScript function: callFromWO



Configuration of the custom tool Mapillary



(2) Simple Custom Tool

Configure a Simple Custom Tool for the custom tool.



Configuration of a Simple Custom Tool for Mapillary.



Under the following link you will find an ESRI Story Map with examples of Mapillary:

For more details on configuring a generic tool, see the chapter Web-Integration - Custom Tool .


The main map service of the project must be available in the Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere WGS 1984 projection.

As of WebOffice 10.9 SP1, the option Coverage Layer is offered. The position of the underlying Mapillary© images is displayed here. This function is only supported in WebOffice clients that are based on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript (e.g. WebOffice flex Client).