Display of Long Attributes in External Window

to display very long texts of a search result field in an additional window, a custom page is provided, which may be included by defining internalcode/pub/custom_pages/detailResultTemplate.jsp?value= as Base URL.


To display attribute values in an external window in a clearly way, especially long values, a custom page is provided for WebOffice core client. It can be implemented as a hyperlink in the respective search result view.


To implement the custom page, the branch Integration of external applications has to be created in the desired search result view, including a sub-branch Hyperlink. The custom page is implemented by defining internalcode/pub/custom_pages/detailResultTemplate.jsp?value= as Base URL. The key has to be the attribute field which should contain the hyperlink to the custom page.



The option Buttons available? has to be deselected, since the custom page cannot be implemented as a button.



Configuration of the Custom Page in WebOffice author


Also the custom page itself has to be adopted. It is located at the path <Tomcat Directory>\webapps\<WebOffice Application>\pub\custom_pages\detailResultTemplate.jsp.  All attributes which shall be displayed in the external window have to be defined at the end of the page. The parameter data-display-id has to be equaled with the technical name (not the alias!) of the according field. If a alias is defined in the Result field list of the respective query,  this alias has to be specified as data-display-id.



Only attributes which are configured as visible in the respective query can be displayed at the Custom Page.



Configuration of the Custom Page


In the WebOffice core client, the custom page can be opened by clicking onto the respective attribute.



Display of the Custom Page in the WebOffice core client



If a field should be displayed only in the external window, but not in the layer result, the Column size value in the WebOffice author branch Hyperlink has to be set to -1.