Multiple Editing of selected Objects

To edit multiple selected objects in WebOffice core-client, some settings in IIS and Tomcat have to be configured.


Step 1:

Stop Apache Tomcat.


Step 2:

Open the file server.xml in the directory C:\Tomcat\conf\. Add packetSize=65536 in the line <Connector port = 8009">. If the parameter packetSize is already existing, change it to 65536.






Step 3:

Open the file web.config in the directory c:\inetpub\wwwroot\"

Add <httpRuntime maxUrlLength="16384 maxQueryStringLength="16384 /> in <system.web> as seen in the screenshot below.

Add <requestLimits maxUrl="65536 maxQueryString="65536 /> in <system.webServer> > <security> > <requestfiltering> as seen in the screenshot below.





You can set the values of maxUrl, maxQueryString and packetSize higher or lower. Please be aware to use 2^n-Values.

For uploading bigger files you can set the parameter maxAllowedContentLength at the <requestLimits> higher. The default value is 30000000, which is about 28.6MB.