Export Customized Files

VertiGIS provides a script (BAT file) to export WebOffice configurations and customized files. Afterwards these files can be simply imported into new, updated WebOffice applications. Copy the script from the WebOffice10.9-DVD in path: WebOffice10.9-DVD\Software\Miscellaneous\Automatization\Export_WebOffice_Configurations_and_Customizing.bat.


The following steps have to be done before running the script:

1. Stop Apache Tomcat

2. Backup your WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application

3. Adjust WebOffice Source and Export Folder inside the script:

WEBOFFICE_SOURCE_FOLDER: path to the WebOffice application with customized files

WEBOFFICE_EXPORT_FOLDER: path to a temporary folder, where the customized files should be exported to

Adapt SOURCE and EXPORT folder

Adapt SOURCE and EXPORT folder

4. Now you can run the script as administrator

5. Copy additional customization like folders inside /pub into your WebOffice Export folder structure

6. Deploy latest WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application from WebOffice10.9-DVD to Apache Tomcat /webapps-folder and apply the latest patch (if available)

7. Copy your exported WebOffice configuration and customization (from EXPORT folder) into your new WebOffice 10.9 SP1 application (in Tomcat)

8. Fetch a new WebOffice license

9. Start Apache Tomcat



The script for exporting customized files can be copied from WebOffice10.9-DVD\Software\Miscellaneous\Automatization\Export_WebOffice_Configurations_and_Customizing.bat.

If you have to export files from more applications, the script must be adapted and executed again.