Show requests as messages in Core Client

In order to provide the user with better feedback about the working of the system, messages in the WebOffice core Client can be displayed, which inform about the current processing of requests in the background. This requires the following steps:


(1): find the desired request:

At first you have to find out for which request you want to get a message in the WebOffice core Client. The easiest way to do this, is to perform the respective action in the client while activating the WebOffice Mobile Logmonitor (Ctrl + Alt + M). The screenshot below shows a request where a selection was executed. As server action you can find GET_IMAGE in the Logmonitor because the map image had to be recalculated. As subaction get_image_select ist logged because the selected objects were highlighted as well.



The GET_IMAGE request is not available for the WebOffice core client based on ArcGIS API for JavaScript.


Find the desired request through the WebOffice Mobile Logmonitor

Find the desired request through the WebOffice Mobile Logmonitor


(2): adjust language_weboffice_user.xml":

Afterwards the file "C:\Tomcat\webapps\<WebOffice Applikation>\client_core\jss\language_weboffice_user.xml mus be adjusted. Therefore the desired message has to be configured for every language separately.

Add the line <record jsxid="REQUESTMESSAGE.{action}.{subaction} jsxtext="{text} />" below the desired language (e.g. <locale key="de">)


According to the request queried earlier the following lines would now be inserted here:

<record jsxid="REQUESTMESSAGE.GET_IMAGE.get_image_select jsxtext="Image with selection is loading />

<record jsxid="REQUESTMESSAGE.GET_IMAGE jsxtext="Image is loading />


For every GET_IMAGE request (hence all requests where a new map image is loaded) the WebOffice core Client displays the message Image is loading, except beside the map image selection graphs (subaction: get_image_select request) are requested as well. In this case Image with selection is loading will be displayed in the WebOffice core client.



The {subaction} is optional. If a request is configured for the {action}, but not for the {subaction}, the text of the {action} will serve as fallback.



Configuration in C:\Tomcat\webapps\<WebOffice Application>



Request messages in WebOffice coreClient